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delivers turnkey projects

Logistics planning and automation of processes is a comprehensive service including the interaction with related processes, the purchase of equipment, the maintenance of a system of administrative instructions and procedures, the technical maintenance and support of hardware and software resources, and other objectives.

IT equipment supplies

Following the choice of equipment required for the agreed-upon business processes, a tender should be held to choose the best options meeting the price/performance ratio. Our company partners with most of the major suppliers of barcode scanners, RFID tags, servers, GPS facilities, video surveillance systems, access control systems and other equipment used in logistics processes and security systems.

We offer you prompt purchases at best prices: Motorola, Cisco, IBM, Citizen, Oracle, Honeywell, Intermec, Lenovo.

nstallation of cable and wireless systems

Any warehouse facility needs to be equipped with security systems (CCTV, access control devices), cable-based and wireless networks, a telephone network and a telephone exchange. Transport companies purchase various types of GPS devices and sensors to ensure the due security of their businesses. TLS specialists possess extensive experience of supplying, installing and configuring all types of networks, security systems, remote control systems. The security and convenience of logistics largely depend on correct decisions, installation robustness and carefully set parameters of all types of systems.

Technical maintenance and support

Upon completion of automation projects, any systems need to be maintained in good working order. This equally applies to software and different types of equipment. Failures need to be instantly addressed, underlying reasons eliminated, some equipment replaced promptly. The best way to handle such issues is to conclude a technical maintenance contract with relevant experts. This spares the cost of internal maintenance personnel, ensures the necessary reliability and a prompt response.