Comm.fleet is a reliable professional comprehensive solution for the administrative management of any transportation facilities ideally adjusted for the customer’s specific business needs. The program helps cut costs, ensures transparency and streamlines business processes, which saves time and boosts efficiency of resource management.

CRM Tool

  • Extensive address management system
  • Driver management
  • Administration of business partners (clients, suppliers, service providers etc.)
  • Specific assignment of tasks to users / employees
  • Integration of external CRM systems for uniform data maintenance

Reporting / Business Intelligence and Statistics

  • Extensive collection of standard reports (tabularly, graphical)
  • Individual configuration and creation of freely definable reports
  • Automated delivery of reports by e-mail
  • Export to all current formats (e.g. Excel, PDF)
  • Integration of external evaluation tools (e.g. MS Office, SAP)
  • Cost evaluation at one click, e.g. per type of vehicle, type of cost, period etc.

Budgeting and procurement

  • Complete mapping of the procurement and order workflow for objects and vehicles
  • Integrated budgeting and authorization workflow, e.g. for company cars
  • Integration of web and online configurators
Administration of Pool Vehicles/ Short Term Rental

  • Internal or external rental or reservation of vehicles
  • Graphical disposal board
  • Administration of rental car categories / CarPolicy
  • Optimization of utilization ratio
  • Control of tariffs and dates incl. invoicing
  • Management of parking grounds
Master Data Management

  • Master data management of any types of vehicle (passenger cars, trucks, utility vehicles etc.)
  • Administration of super structural parts and fittings as well as additional equipment
  • Resale of vehicles incl. sales contract edition
  • Automated data import resp. data transfer

Client management

  • Administration of independent clients and fleets of vehicles
  • Mapping of diverse internal organizational units
  • Support of individual cost structures per client

Calendar management

  • Flexible resubmission system
  • Technical, legal and organizational dates as well as freely definable dates and types of dates (time and/or kilometrage dependent)
  • Reminder function (e.g. by email)
  • Link to invoice capture with automated date compliance and updates

Maintenance and repair management

  • Repair processing
  • Technical CV of every vehicle
  • Documentation and analysis of repairs
  • Automatically generated invoice reduction in case of discrepancy with repair order
  • Integration of internal and external workshops

Official operations

  • Driver´s license check-up
  • Administration of fines and tickets incl. automated driver identification

Cost management

  • Automated or manual import of invoices or costs
  • Capture and editing of invoices
  • Allocation of invoice line items into free definable type of costs
  • Separated capture of components and costs for evaluation purposes
  • Cost CV of every vehicle
  • Automated check of cost coverage on the basis of existing contracts

Damage and risk management

  • Centralized capture of damage-relevant information
  • Automated management of damages, accidents and repairs
  • Electronic damage file Management of insurances and guarantees

Vehicle Record / Archive

  • Centralized form administration
  • Central management of documents (registration documents, police reports, insurance policies etc.)
  • Integration and control of scanners
  • Integration of external document management systems and archiving systems

Contract management

  • Mapping of any type of contract (e.g. renting, leasing, sale of vehicles)
  • Creation of quotes based on contract packages
  • Automated transfer of quotes into contracts, after order confirmation
  • In-process settlement / charging off (debiting)
  • Billing (joint or separate invoices), including sending invoice, for example, by e-mail or by exporting it to the accounting office
  • Automated contract review on cost capture

Fuel card management

  • Automated fuel data import via interfaces
  • Fuel card management Fuel consumption analyses
  • Integration of proper gas stations
  • Freely maintainable plausibility check for the analysis of fuel data
  • Integration with card reading devices



  • Fast business processes due to workflowbr /automation
  • Complete process management (repair, maintenance, insurance, fuel data, etc.)
  • Contacts with external service companies (insurance, logistics partner, etc.)
  • Identification of costs escalation in the auto fleet
  • Reduced expense
  • Flexible pricing model: duties for the license and servicing regardless of the number of users