Supply of an Infor SCM 10-based hardware and software system


Supply of the INFOR SCE 10.3 warehouse management system; supply of all hardware systems for the warehouse operation: an IBM server group, data acquisition terminals and Motorola Wi-Fi access points; Citizen label printers.

Project figures
  • Class A warehouse with a total area of 14,000 square meters
  • Over 8,000 SKUs
  • Over 22,000 pallet positions
  • More than 2,500 pick lines per day
Commodity groups


Automobile electronics

Audio/video equipment

Climate equipment

Key challenges
  • Difficult to collect actual volume and weight parameters for all SKUs
  • tandards of storage and picking units
  • Recruitment of the customer’s warehouse employees by the time the warehouse is launched
  • Integration of all systems into a single fault-tolerant infrastructure: servers, Wi-Fi access points, data acquisition terminals, installation of a failsafe environment based on an Oracle DBMS on servers
  • Multiple stage complex integration of the ERP system with Infor SCE including the transfer of data on any product status and order status changes to the ERP in real time mode

WMS requirements
  • Automatic generation and distribution of picking operations among warehouse employees
  • Support of RF terminals at each stage of receipt, shipping, stock-taking or rejection operations
  • Support of different packaging specifications for one SKU
  • The system should incorporate a stock status management function based on the application of different locks to storage bins, pallets or batches: rejected, quarantine, temporary lock, etc
  • Personal log-in option for employees, full transparency of each employee’s transactions
  • Option to track batches from receipt through to shipping

TLS Solution
  • Optimization of existing, creation of new warehouse business processes factoring in the transition from the on-the-floor storage to the shelf storage model.
  • Full automation of warehouse business processes
  • Labor cost optimization through the use of Infor SCE 10 functions including the automated distribution of operations between resources
  • Ultimate storage capacity utilization by configuring optimal placement strategies and the storage topology
  • Transparency and personalization of all warehouse operations
  • WMS scalability depending on the business development and easy replication of customized processes as new facilities are included in the warehousing environment
  • Fully synchronized basic and transaction data in WMS and ERP

  • By implementing standards of packaging specifications, the warehousing costs were reduced, the warehouse capacity utilization improved
  • The RF technologies and the bin location warehousing principle made it possible to minimize error probability and to increase the speed of processing
  • Performance of employees can be monitored in real time mode by personalizing warehouse processes
  • Selective and cyclic inventory checks possible for storage bins or handling units in terms of warehouse areas or commodity items
  • Automatic commodity status changes subject to a set of conditions can be configured
  • 100% updates of stock and inventory movement data in the WMS and ERP systems (online)
  • Various warehouse logistics performance indicators can be analyzed, so as to avert potential risks
  • The hardware-software complex operates without interruption benefiting from modern IBM server systems and Oracle software solutions