SAP Transportation ManagementSAP EWM


SAP® Transportation Management (SAP TM) is an effective solution covering all transportation activities such as transport planning, order management, transportation, interaction with carriers and tariff and calculation management. Due to ideal arrangement of transportation components the solution helps to maintain high customer loyalty, reduce transportation costs, enhance flexibility and efficiency.

Purchase and sale of transportation services
  • Freight contracts
  • Requests for rate calculation
  • Transportation order
  • Creation of transportation case
  • Materials catalog maintenance
  • Rate calculation and request
Planning and performance of transportation activities
  • Manual planning
  • Automated planning /
  • Development of routes and tours
  • Schedule maintenance and logging
  • Carrier choice
  • Transportation orders
  • Tenders
  • Consolidation
  • Sea freight
  • Re-planning
Carriage calculations

Rate calculation

  • Costs and tariffs
  • Agreements on rates with customers
  • Agreements on rates with suppliers

Invoices for customers

  • Drawing up and confirmation of invoices
  • Accounting of contractors
  • Invoice verification
Integration with financial accounting


  • Billing
  • Freight Auditing и Self-Billing (MM)

Accounting and taxes

  • Accounting transactions
  • Payments and accruals
  • Payments monitoring


  • А Profitability analysis
  • Profit distribution
  • Forecasting the volume of goods and demand for resources
  • Automatic routing
  • Improved order planning system
  • Ensuring effective interaction with counterparties
  • Data exchange with adjacent symmetrical systems. Integration of ERP logistics enables to transfer orders and deliveries from SAP ERP to SAP TM, to plan and implement processes based on ERP data
  • Effective order scheduling and monitoring
  • Prompt and correct carriage calculations
  • Constant data availability
  • On-line reports on current activities