One of the key missions of logistics is to optimize transport operations through the efficient use of workforce and technical resources, cost saving efforts, a high level of services, automated information exchange and effective interaction with counterparties.

Technology of Logistics Systems LLC delivers cargoes across Russia and the CIS countries by road and rail benefiting from both its own vehicle fleet and the assistance of its partners. Our wide geographic reach and well-run extensive delivery system ensure the choice of appropriate delivery routes and the optimal structure of transportation chains.

The wide choice of vehicles of different capacity and the house-to-house scheme make it possible to deliver on time and on terms favorable for the customers.

TLS provides a full range of related services such as forwarding, insurance, loading and unloading operations while handling cargoes, drawing-up of shipping documents, packaging, warehousing, which enables the company to satisfy all the possible requirements of the customers.

TLS processes applications, plans activities, tracks the location of goods and controls deadlines automatically using state-of-the-art transport management solutions and satellite monitoring-based navigation systems, which directly enhances the security and transparency of freight carriage and significantly reduces the customer’s logistic expense.

Technology of Logistics Systems is a vibrant company committed to constant development, creating new effective transportation management schemes, expanding the geography of business, studying and applying advanced technologies so as to be flexible in responding to market changes, to promptly address new challenges and to take an individual approach to each customer.

The experience and proficiency of our specialists who treat each order individually, predict key transportation figures with a high degree of precision and make prompt decisions enables us to handle orders of any complexity.



Today, many retailers and online stores outsource the delivery component of their businesses. This trend indicates a reasonable and promising approach since it reduces expense and increases the efficiency, security and flexibility of the delivery system.

Cost reduction

No expenses for vehicle purchase, maintenance and idle time, wages, related office and warehousing activities.


An opportunity to channel the bulk of the financial and labor resources for the core business development.


The shipping company (delivery agent) assumes the full responsibility for the safety of cargo.


The shipping company’s high proficiency and experience speed up the process, expand delivery reach and enable to promptly respond to changes in demand.

Technology of Logistics Systems LLC ensures real-time planning, performance and control of delivery processes using advanced technologies to meet customer requirements up to the mark.

TLS advantages

  • No delivery weight limits – TLS delivers goods starting from 1 kg of weight
  • Strict observance of reporting deadlines, timely delivery of return documents.
  • Choice of most favorable delivery tariffs depending on the customer’s business model.
  • Convenient order scheduling: control of the whole delivery process from the date/time approval to the acceptance of goods by the customer.
  • Additional services: freight forwarding, handling, warehousing.
  • Automated monitoring of the delivery process.
  • Cash services: the consignee can pay in cash or by credit card.