Fleet Management System (cost record system) for the Comm.Fleet vehicle fleet

Problem statement

The customer owns a vehicle fleet in all branches of Russia. The key fleet maintenance expenses are as follows:

m-2 Automobile purchase m-7 Insurance
m-6 Maintenance m-3 Installation of extra equipment
m-5 Repair m-1 Washing



Key Customer challenge:

The Customer’s employees related to its vehicle fleet are running different applications on different servers and PCs, which is inconvenient, time-consuming and non-transparent. The following operations / applications needed to be incorporated into a single centralized information environment:

  • Accounting of costs per accounts of counterparties
  • Cost analysis and transport department budgeting
  • Maintenance of reference data on vehicles and drivers
  • Backup of documents
  • Control of mileage (driving distances) and fuel consumption
  • Control of accounting operations related to the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate (traffic police) and insurance
  • A modern and convenient interface
  • Accounting data for each vehicle should be linked to the company’s structural unit and responsible person
  • The system must be equipped with a powerful analytical function for cost analysis and budgeting applications
TLS solution
  • In-depth review of the processes and document flow in the Customer’s budget and transportation departments. Acceptance of system functionality requests. Formulation of process optimization proposals, drawing-up of a TO-BE conceptual design
  • Application of the Comm.Fleet system provided by TLS’s partner Community 4 You as an integration solution
  • Traffic accident accounting in terms of vehicles and drivers
  • Collection, analysis and uploading of initial data for all the branches (vehicles, outcome tree, corporate structure, responsible employees’ positions at structural units and departments, drivers, documents)
  • Loading process automation for accounts of different types of suppliers
  • Integration with the GPS-based SCOUT system. Automatic mileage registration
  • Application of standard and development of new research and operational reports and printed forms including trip tickets, fuel consumption control, repair and wear analysis, cost report per structural units and cost items across a financial period
  • Memo setup: vehicle inspections on a certain date or depending on the mileage, renewal of documents and fuel cards, tire replacement, etc.
  • Configuration of role-specific profiles and user rights


  • The data exchange interface has facilitated the input of counterparty accounts to the accounting system making it more cost-effective in terms of resources. The number of entry errors has decreased significantly
  • The company has a single database of vehicles and drivers, their performance and related documents (fuel cards, insurance policies, medical certificates, driving licenses, etc). The system assists technical specialists reminding them of document renewal / replacement dates, an upcoming vehicle inspection period or a due insurance payment under a compulsory motor TPL insurance policy or a comprehensive automobile insurance policy.
  • The hierarchic structure of the enterprise across all the Customer’s branches was replicated into the system. Vehicles and responsible employees were assigned to structural units and departments, which provided an opportunity to obtain reports and analytical data in any aspect required
  • The cost transparency has increased significantly, with an option to automate the control of fuel consumption, cost of repairs in terms of car brands, models and useful life, wear of individual components and assemblies
  • Centralized online monitoring of the fleet costs across all Company branches and departments