Today’s market makes any successful business project largely dependent on logistics. Ambitious goals can only be achieved with properly structured business processes meeting the company’s quality standards and meant to keep the high level of products and services provided. In all economy sectors, retail, distribution and manufacturing companies regard the development of an efficient supply chain based on well-planned, flexible business processes allowing for all the business nuances as one of the top priorities. The flexibility of business processes means having logistics focused on the company’s sustainable development in compliance with its short-term and long-term purchase, sales and production planning trends. Adding the need for an optimal choice of equipment, hardware and software, paying attention to the creation of a KPI monitoring-based motivation system, one comes to face a range of substantial matters addressed by logistic business consulting companies.

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WMS / Warehouse management system

Warehouse management system

TLS consulting experts have accumulated a unique experience of implementing and operating warehouse management systems, as the specific features of our projects have enabled us to combine the applied expertise of a business adviser for warehouse technologies and that of an IT integrator configuring systems to meet the customer requirements. Our thorough understanding of the physical warehouse-based business processes based on an inside look coupled with the knowledge of advanced WMS solutions and the ability to adjust them to the customer’s needs enables us to claim the top level of services in this logistic consulting segment. TLS solutions include software products delivered by well-known Western developers: SAP EWM, Infor WMS, a-SIS LMexecution, etc.

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TMS / Transportation Management System

Transportation Management

Our company supplies the most advanced software products for transport logistics, with powerful and flexible functions. At the business process analysis stage, TLS experts select a product with regard to the Customer’s business specifics and nuances and precisely evaluate the TMS introduction effect, determine the payback period and adjust the program to suit the Customer’s individual requirements by integrating it with related logistics systems. TLS solutions include software products delivered by well-known Western developers: SAP TM, Infor SCM, etc.

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FMS / Fleet Management System

Fleet Management

The key TLS project objectives are to improve the transparency of vehicle costs for Customers, to supply them with up-to-date tools for the collection, storage and analysis of financial and technical fleet maintenance data. We suggest that the Fleet Management System be integrated with the ERP financial modules, so as to enable the user to receive online financial analysis data while monitoring the projected and actual budget, to integrate with budget and account review/approval processes. TLS solutions include software products delivered by well-known Western developers: Comm.fleet, Infor EAM, etc.

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Logistics planning and automation of processes is a comprehensive service including the interaction with related processes, the purchase of equipment, the maintenance of a system of administrative instructions and procedures, the technical maintenance and support of hardware and software resources, and other objectives.

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