TLS media coverage

Being committed to keeping you most up-to-date on modern technologies, industry-specific solutions and trends in the logistic market, Technology of Logistics Systems regularly publishes articles in industrial journals such as LOGISTICS and KTR (Commodity Markets Environment).

The journal “Synthesis”, No.10, may 26, 2017  “Time of optimization”

Interview with Valerii Borodulin, head of the Project of improving the efficiency of warehouse management processes on warehouse of  PJSC “Kazanorgsintez”

a-SIS and and “TLS”: a long-term successful partnership. Cyrill Labouret (a-SIS Russia Director general), Prokhor Prokhorov (“TLS” Director general)

About a common project of “Technology Logistics Systems” and “a-SIS” company for automation of warehouses of cosmetology plant “Svoboda”.

“Technology Logistic systems” – 20 years of successful activity

Interview of “Technology Logistics Systems” Director general Prokhor Prokhorov for LOGISTICS magazine. 

LOGISTICS magazine no. 10/2014. Automation of warehouses of retail networks by the example of implantation of SAP EWM decision for ALMI trading company 

The experience of implantation of SAP SCM EWM system for the retail trading company ALMI

LOGISTICS magazine no. 4/2014. Delivery outsourcing for online stores. By: Anna Sedenkova, logistics specialist, TLS LLC

The article presents a comparative study of the two different delivery service models for online stores: deliveries by own resources vs. outsourced deliveries. 

LOGISTICS magazine no. 10/2013. The use of WMS in warehouses with productions. By: Vladimir Podlesny, Head of Development, TLS LLC, and Ekaterina Arakelyan, logistics specialist, TLS LLC

The article presents the right way to make the interaction between the raw stock and packaging storeroom and the production unit effective benefiting from the WMS.

LOGISTICS magazine no. 3/2013. Integration of WMS and ERP. By: Ekaterina Arakelyan, logistics specialist, TLS LLC

The article describes a number of principles for a successful automatic data exchange between ERP and WMS and highlights the advantages of integration between the two systems


LOGISTICS magazine no. 8/2012. Practices of handling and keeping commodities and materials in oil companies’ warehouses. By: Marina Kirillova, Project Manager, TLS LLC

A number of techniques recommended for business processes in warehouses intended to support oil production and refining operations.

LOGISTICS magazine no. 3/2012. Internal vehicle fleet cost accounting: challenges and solutions. By: Vladimir Podlesny, TLS LLC

Solutions related to the accounting, analysis and optimization of expenses for transport vehicles belonging to companies in all economy sectors.

LOGISTICS magazine no. 6/2011. From Excel to WMS: changeover benefits. By: Vladimir Podlesny, Head of Development, TLS LLC

This paper specifies and describes the main advantages of Warehouse Management Systems over manual inventory accounting methods.

KTR (Commodity Markets Environment) magazine no. 3/2011 (July-September). Ways to increase the warehouse complex performance. By: Sergey Zotikov, Head of the warehouse complex at TLS LLC.

The article covers the possible warehouse activity optimization aspects and offers recommendations to improve the efficiency of warehouse and business processes.