Construction of an own warehouse. Delivery of warehouse provider services

Project focus

The company’s expansion and development, the highly effective management and the ample experience as a 3PL operator motivated the decision to build an own class A warehouse complex in Moscow region in 2005.

Principal objectives
  • Local networking, purchase of servers, RF devices and office appliances
  • Personnel management at all levels: from recruitment and adaptation for working shifts with tutors to training seminars and annual across-the-board personnel certification procedures.
  • Accountability to Customers, billing
  • Technical support of all the construction, installation, household and special equipment of the warehouse complex
  • Issues related to security management on site: application of video surveillance and access control systems
  • Construction and equipment of the warehouse complex capable of handling road and rail vehicles, with a capacity of 50,000 pallets, with an option to divide the warehouse area into several temperature zones
  • Selection and application of an electronic warehouse management system (WMS): comprehensive process review, layout calculation and modeling of business processes with a breakdown by Customers, drawing-up of technical specifications (TOR) for the software configuration and improvements, WMS integration with the ERP of each warehouse customer, development of instructions and personnel training


TLS solution
  • Review of processes, stocks, document flows and storage / turnover requirements for each Customer. Based on the review, TLS prepared technical specifications (TOR) for the WMS configuration and made a detailed calculation of the warehouse topology
  • The Exceed WMS system was implemented as a warehouse management solution. Its basic default functions, with adjustments made to some processes, were enough to cover all the inventory management requirements of all the warehouse customers
  • An in-house integrated warehouse process monitoring system was developed. This solution also included the integration of external systems with the WMS
  • Development of job/responsibility descriptions, user and functional instructions in terms of employees and warehouse processes
  • The comprehensive personnel management approach included the development of a methodological framework for personnel adaptation, training and certification purposes, as well as an incentive program for employees

  • Over a short time, a smoothly operating, effectively managed warehouse complex with well-trained and motivated employees committed to productivity and professional advancement was created.
  • From scratch, by maximizing the storage capacity, motivation and professional management advantages, TLS built a profitable business meeting loan obligations and generating profits for the company.


  • Highly valuable experience of managing storage facilities at a top level, handling different types of products, using advanced hardware and software solutions, and building an effective management system.
  • The project incentivized the company to continue accumulating knowledge of how advanced IT solutions may be applied in logistics. TLC is currently partnering with a number of software vendors such as SAP, Infor, a-SIS, Community for you; the company employs certified specialists experienced in the sales and application of warehouse and transport management systems.