“Technology Logistics Systems” at the conference “Effective management of a modern warehouse”


The company “Technology Logistics Systems” made a speech at the conference “Effective management of a modern warehouse” in the framework of the exhibition “RosUpak”

«Effective management of modern warehouse» conference was held in June 2014 as part of “RosUpack” exhibition. The “TLS” company presented a report on the “Involvement of 3PL providers for operations at own warehouse under the control of own WMS integrated into ERP system”. The report contained the idea that due to the high competition level existing in the logistics market nowadays customers want to get higher operation results from warehouse outsourcing as well as its deeper integration with business processes not limited by a standard range of services offered by 3PL provider.19

Such a trend is especially true for Western companies that choose 3PL provider. It can offer strategic optimization of the entire supply chain utilizing modern information systems and leading-edge technologies of integrated mechanization of logistics operations and consider specificities of the Russian market and Law at the same time.

The “TLS” company is servicing large European organizations and is aware of practical terms of the high standards being requested by the enterprises of such level from its logistics provider.

According to experts the competitiveness of the 3PL sector is based on operator’s ability to provide functionally extended range of high-quality services, ensure flexible and individual approach to customers.

“TLD” provides its service to such Europeans companies as Ferrero, DeAgostini, Unilever, Heidelberf and others, that is why the company has a practical knowledge of high demands, submitted to a ligistical provider.

“TLS” company specialists that took active part in thematic exhibitions, analyzed customers’ requests and monitored changes in clients’ needs and have also noted developing demand for outsourcing services. It is reflected in growing customers’ expectations to logistics services suppliers. Customers request to perform consulting in the course of designing supply chains, implementing software, developing personnel motivation system and rendering services of a 3PL provider at customer’s facilities.

Customers of logistic services consider the above trends and opt for diversified companies that are active in multiple scopes of logistics, such as: customs clearance, logistics design, operating activities at own warehouses and at customer’s facilities, integration and application of automation systems for warehouse and transport, supply of various storage and information technology equipment as well as providing of transportation services.